One Foot Tied (feat. Millicent)

from by SLIGHTLY



Nothing can go wrong today, when you look at me that way. People say that I’m not wise to find my future in your eyes.

Hold me tight. Ask me to stay just like this every passing day. Dry those tears falling from your eyes, because I have no feelings left to hide.

You have come and set me free. Finding you is finding me. And there’s no way that my mind can understand why you are mine.

Hold me tight. Ask me to stay just like this every passing day. Dry those tears falling from your eyes, ‘cause I have no feelings left to hide.

Unpacking thoughts in the place where we first met. Sidewalk chalk and a sun we hoped would never let us down.

I wrote to you that day I left, and every single day since. I went to bring you flowers and found myself alone instead. I ran. It must be real because fiction always makes the most sense. I looked at you and I lost myself and found me somewhere else. I never meant to leave you. It was chaos. It was wrong. One bound might cross and ocean; I built a home. I let it fall. And fall beneath the weight of all the lost words I’d dreamed of when I found my feet had taken me and found my way above. I found my dream had gone; love ran faster than I could run, and every place I looked for you I found empty and undone. And the roof collapsed and crushed me there all broken and alone; our empty house was everything we left it but a home. So I walked as fast as I could walk, as slowly as I could. Every ounce of energy I had I spent on you. I lost my faith in everyone and I wished I’d never left, but there’s one last hope to keep my wicked feet from wandering. I’ll keep one foot tied so I might stay with you and rest, find you again and get this planet off my chest. I’ll be still. I’ll be settled. I’ll be sober. I’ll be true. I’ll be everything I should have been, this time just stay with you. My wicked feet destroyed me once and carried me away. But here I come, here I belong, here only will I stay. I’ll stay.

You say I’m worth fighting for and promise there’s so much more than the pain I feel. Oh, tell me what is real. I know what my heart is feeling. I know what my ears are hearing. And fighting gravity is pure insanity. We’re fading faster than the frost on this windowpane and I don’t know if my heart can handle this again.


from The Dear Old Days When I Could Fly, released October 25, 2013



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SLIGHTLY Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello there. I'm called Slightly. I make what many call "Rock and Roll," and one man inexplicably called "Neo-Ecclectic Bimodal Chip Talk." If you are reading this, odds are you are a close friend or my mother. And that's okay. I'm no big deal.

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