Smile, Friend (feat. This Is The Giant)

from by SLIGHTLY



Don’t let it go. Don’t let yourself be alone. You are not alone, and I don’t want you to be alone. You’re quiet, waiting, sitting somber in the basement, just waiting for your knight in shining armor. But He’s already come, he’s come to sweet you off your feet, so don’t let that hope go. You are not alone. Open your eyes. You are not alone, and you’re not the only one who cries. See, letting go is big, so hold on for just one more day, and then one more day, and then one more day. Sometimes three days is just what it takes to bring hope. But still, if three days isn’t enough, don’t let go. Sometimes it takes believing in hope to bring hope, and I know where hope comes from. Do you want to know where hope comes from?

Just let it go. You’ve never needed anyone the way you need him now. Gasping… gasping… you choke backwards. And depression’s setting in. Now there’s nothing you can do. Something grips at you; crooked vultures thrusting hips for you. They want everything you’ve got, but it’s not yours to give, and everything you did was all for something more, something big. So please, please, I’m begging you, don’t give them what they want. The same lies coming every day seem ever new, but when your eyes are shut, his eyes are watching over you. And his eyes, those eyes burn deep into your soul until your eyes burn too. My eyes are burning

And it’s beautiful, what’s happening here; love I’ve only heard rumors of. He’s set passion in me. Visions and hopes for this world are burning into this heart that I’d given up on, but here comes my God whispering. I’m not forgotten. I would’ve given up long ago. I guess that’s just the mystery. And this is the love who rewrites history. One more breath and one more life, but these aren’t creations by accident. What we thought was reflex is truly something heaven sent. My life is spent. My knees are bent. You flood the world with innocence, but never again quite like that. This time it’s fire. This time it’s love. There’s only hope left in our fear. So cries those tears. Let oceans flow. Tears of joy and tears of pain and tears of hope, and you’re always smiling. Because we know how this fight ends, don’t we, friend?

We win.


from The Dear Old Days When I Could Fly, released October 25, 2013



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SLIGHTLY Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello there. I'm called Slightly. I make what many call "Rock and Roll," and one man inexplicably called "Neo-Ecclectic Bimodal Chip Talk." If you are reading this, odds are you are a close friend or my mother. And that's okay. I'm no big deal.

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