The Moments That Felt Like Heaven

from by SLIGHTLY



I know your heart felt wrong this morning. You couldn’t decide if it felt like a fire or a frost, but most of the summer felt like winter and most of the winter felt like hell. I’m sure you’ve been trying your hardest to remember him. you knew it, believed with all your heart that he was the only thing keeping you alive, that you would die without him. but it’s been one hundred and sixty-two days since he was by your side and even though you can barely breathe, you still spend the first half hour in bed at night seeing his chest move slowly and bravely up and down. You always tried to breathe like that; maybe one day when you’re all grown up and can fit into the loafers he left behind. Without him you’re poor in spirit, and you sure feel humble and weak and trampled upon. And you’ve always had to lie and steal to survive. But how many times can a kid lie or steal until he’s kicked out of Heaven for good? With every story you weave, you feel a tremor in the floor, like it’s just going to crumble beneath you any instant, and that’s how you’ll go. But do you remember that book Daddy read to you those nights in that hotel room? Those were the moments that felt like Heaven.


from The Dear Old Days When I Could Fly, released October 25, 2013



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SLIGHTLY Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello there. I'm called Slightly. I make what many call "Rock and Roll," and one man inexplicably called "Neo-Ecclectic Bimodal Chip Talk." If you are reading this, odds are you are a close friend or my mother. And that's okay. I'm no big deal.

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